Applicable customer



- Vietnamese individuals are capable of transferring money abroad for legitimate purposes: overseas study, immigration, allowance for relatives living overseas, medical treatment, tourism, overseas business trip, payment for fees and charges abroad, money transfer for legal income, money transfer of an inheritance to heirs living abroad

- Foreign individuals are capable of transferring money for legal income complied with current regulations.

- Flexible requirements for presenting documents

- High remittance limit, flexible beneficiary account

Purpose/ Limit/ Beneficiary account

- Studying abroad:

+ Limit: Up to $25,000/Student/year or more according to school’s fee notice

+ Beneficiary account: Student/guardian/relatives studying overseas with student

- Allowance:

+ Limit: Up to $70,000/beneficiary/year

+ Beneficiary account:: Beneficiary or his/her relative

- Immigration:

+ Limit: Up to $650,000. Unlimited transfer amount in case of specifying the origin of remittance amount

+ Beneficiary account: Immigrator/Immigrator’s relative/Guarantor


- Quick, safe, and convenient process

- Competitive remittance fees

- Remit to any bank all over the world for purposes suitable with the country’s regulations on foreign exchange management

- Minimizing the cost and time of remittance

- Opening account at Vietbank is not required

- Perform the transaction at any of Vietbank branch/transaction office