Target customers

Import enterprise


a. Type of LC: import LC at sight/ usance/ mixed payment/ UPAS.

b. Deposit for issuing LC: Depending on customer’s credit history, LC can be issued with or without deposit.

c. Collateral method: Under regualations of Vietbank at certain time.


  • Ensure safety for both customer and export partner;   
  • Reduce pressure ọn fund for the customer;
  • Get bank’s advisory on the transactions to ensure benefits and minimize risks;
  • Can be financed through exempting/decreasing deposit rate for LC issuance or loans;
  • Can be issued LC without collateral  (for LC at sight with the amount up to 6 billion dong).

LC-related services are

  • LC issuance;
  • LC amendment;
  • Bill of lading endorsement/Delivery authorization/Shipping guarantee;
  • LC settlement;
  • LC cancellation.