Enterprise have experienced as follow:

+ Manufacture firm: least 2 years

+ Commercial firm: least 3 years


Enterprises will have been financed as soon as contract get signed or after finishing on delevery

Vietbank have priority financed to businesses as follow:

+ Pharmaceutical, medical supplies

+ Plastics

+ Construction

+ Telecomunication

+ Electricity (supplies, equipment)

+ Textile

Target to:

+ Payment for purchasing material  (as domestic or import)

+ Payment for serveving in business (electrical bill, water bill, payroll,…)

Loan modality include of credit line or case by case


- Satisfy customer’s working capital to execute a out-contract

- Vietbank will disburse as soon as when a debt right have not finished on presentation of contact

- Flexible in lending time , appreciate for payment and execute process of contract