Enterprises are establised and operating under the Laws and Regulations of Vietnam.


- Currency: VND

- Deposit term: 01/03/06 months

- Minimum deposit amount: 100.000.000 VND

- Method of interest payment: Monthly/Quarterly/At-Maturity interest payment as selected by enterprises

- Partial withdrawal accepted; the remaining principal having the same interest rate and term

-  Unlimited withdrawal times

- Interest rate: for your reference, please click here


- Manage Enterprise’s free cash flow effectively and actively.

-  Attractive Interest Rate.

- Deposit account balance possibly used as collateral for loans or as guarantee for a third party’s loans from Vietbank

Super Flexible Deposit

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All the information you provide us is securely maintained and is kept strictly confidential. We do not, and will not sell or rent our customer lists or information to other companies.

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